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Teaching the Seasons

I completed my second project this week, executing my idea of a drag and drop dress-up game. As I have repeated throughout my blog posts, I’ve tried to remain cognizant of the purpose behind executing my various projects. With this project, I wanted to create a project appropriate for young children. In order to learn their seasons, and how it is appropriate to dress for weather of the seasons, I created four female cartoons. They are all featured on my game’s main interface.

Players of the game may select a girl or season by clicking on either. When one is selected, players are redirected to an interface prompting players to dress girls appropriate for the season’s weather. For example, the spring interface shows rain outside. If players dress the cartoon appropriately, with a rain jacket, denim skirt, and rain boots, then they win!

When players dress the cartoons correctly, they are redirected to an interface showing the cartoon enjoying the weather outside. If the player is having trouble, however, they may click on the “Need Help” which leads to a page with educational information pertaining to the season and how the cartoon should be dressed.

All dressed for spring showers!


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I'm a strategic thinker with an eye for design. A recent graduate of Wofford College, my liberal arts background in Philosophy and English provided me with extensive writing and analytical skills. I’m adding to my skill set at Elon University learning as an MA in Interactive Media student. Teachable, driven, with an affinity towards networking, I hope to utilize my skills in a career in advertising and interactive design.


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