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Social Networks: Questions for the Future


Reading this weeks articles made me contemplate issues with social media that are relevant today/ in the future.

1. We are still in the early stages of a world connected by social media. One issue I’ve discussed with others is what happens to social media pages after individuals pass away. I’ve seen pages of loved ones turn into memorial pages, but what are the privacy rules involved?

2. What are the specific rules on pseudonyms with Facebook? I remember when my friend named Famatta couldn’t submit her name as real on Facebook in 2005 because Facebook didn’t recognize it as a real name. However, fictional characters from transmedia stories have their own Facebook pages. How does Facebook draw the line?

3. Have there been case studies on how social media openness has altered society openness in general?My parents often comment how my generation is much more open about personal information than their generation. How will social media continue to foster this openness in the future?



About lindseyhuston

I'm a strategic thinker with an eye for design. A recent graduate of Wofford College, my liberal arts background in Philosophy and English provided me with extensive writing and analytical skills. I’m adding to my skill set at Elon University learning as an MA in Interactive Media student. Teachable, driven, with an affinity towards networking, I hope to utilize my skills in a career in advertising and interactive design.


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