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Theory & Audience Analysis

Cyberspace: A Second Life

A Response to Lawrence Lessig’s Code

1. I find it fascinating that Lessig compares his constitutionalist beliefs with his beliefs in regards to the internet. In talking about the necessity of internet code, what is the different between this and law? Does code not lend itself to be reliant on law?

2. In chapter 2 Lessig talks about the idea of cyberspace. It seems that his view of the internet as a second life for some, in the world of cyberspace, is fundamentally what supports his view of internet regulation. Why is this so significant? If he already is a constitutionalists, why can’t our current legal system merely be applied to cyberspace? By emphasizing cyberspace as a new world, he seems to imply new legislation, or code, should be written for this world. How far does her intent to take this idea?

3. In the first chapter, Lessig seems critical of students he taught at Yale for their libertarian attitude towards the internet. Why does he see his constitutionalists ideas are in conflict with this? Can these attitudes not coexist?


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I'm a strategic thinker with an eye for design. A recent graduate of Wofford College, my liberal arts background in Philosophy and English provided me with extensive writing and analytical skills. I’m adding to my skill set at Elon University learning as an MA in Interactive Media student. Teachable, driven, with an affinity towards networking, I hope to utilize my skills in a career in advertising and interactive design.


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