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LucasFilm: Inspiration or Bad Precedent?

In Response to “Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars?:
Digital Cinema, Media Convergence, and Participatory Culture”

1. What are the particular stipulations of LucasFilm’s copyright laws? I found a case regarding George Lucas suing two agencies running an ad referencing Star Wars in support of Reagan’s presidential campaign. How does Lucas argue his means of expression cannot be referenced vocally by others? Is this not an infringement of the first amendment?

2. Does Henry Jenkins support complete open sourcing? Does Jenkins support Lucas in any of his Star Wars legal cases?

3. Is it hypocritical for George Lucas to support film students at USC when the future of digital production is participatory? Isn’t he supporting a cause he has fought with others over millions of dollars?

4. This article was written in 2001. What does Henry Jenkins think about our current culture of YouTube, twitter, and the emergence of transmedia production companies?


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I'm a strategic thinker with an eye for design. A recent graduate of Wofford College, my liberal arts background in Philosophy and English provided me with extensive writing and analytical skills. I’m adding to my skill set at Elon University learning as an MA in Interactive Media student. Teachable, driven, with an affinity towards networking, I hope to utilize my skills in a career in advertising and interactive design.


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